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14478 East I25 Frontage Road, Longmont, CO 80504

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Monday to Friday 8:00 AM — 5:00 PM
Saturday to Sunday closed

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Photo of Front Range Room

Front Range Room

Seats 8 comfortably for those longer sessions and 9 in a pinch. Recommend 7 persons for AV centric use. AV with 4k screen is included.

Photo of Versa Room

Versa Room

What will it be for you? Is it a conference room? A training room? Complete with whiteboard space, a huge 70" roller TV, and more. Half and Full Day rates available upon request.

Z I2Five Trailer

Need to use the I2five trailer to move stuff? Cool. It is ~66" W and ~120" long. Light-weight aluminum. Check with management to unlock.

Photo of Versa Studio

Versa Studio

Media Creation and Consumption. Record podcasts or social media video. Photography studio for your portrait or product. Fire up the massive projector and sound system for a lounging presentation or movie. Oh yeah.

The Kokopelli Camper Trailer

A TAXA Tigermoth. $102 per day with no hidden fees.

Studio Assistant

Studio Assistant


14478 East I25 Frontage Road, Longmont, CO 80504
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